We are a research group based at UBC-Vancouver working on bioanalytical tools and methods for precise and quantitative interrogation of biological systems.  Our latest version of website can be access here: micro-qb.org

Rationale & Projects

Life is fundamentally characterized by order, with an orchestra of biochemical reactions running in the compartments within, on and between cells. These reactions have to occur at the right place and at the right time so as to manifest healthy functioning. We work on new methodologies with the aim to provide greater insight into such interactions at different length and time-scales. A particular focus currently is on precise tumor profiling.

open space microfluidics

Reconfigurable microfluidics

Surface assays

Tumor profiling

Featured Articles


I. Pereiro et al., Biopatterning: The Art of Patterning Biomolecules on Surfaces, Langmuir, 2021.

Mapping Spatial Genetic Landscapes

L. Voith von Voithenberg, A. Kashyap, et al., Mapping Spatial Genetic Landscapes in Tissue Sections through Microscale Integration of Sampling Methodology into Genomic Workflows, Small , 2021.

Micro-scale technologies propel biology

I. Pereiro, J. Aubert, and G. V. Kaigala., Micro-scale technologies propel biology and medicine, Biomicrofluidics , 2021.

Biointegrated Fluidic Milling

D. Widerker, F. Paratore, M. Bercovici., and G. V. Kaigala, Biointegrated Fluidic Milling, Advanced Materials Technologies , 2021.

Rapid microIHC

R. Lovchik, D. Taylor, and G. V. Kaigala, Rapid micro-immunohistochemistry, Microsystems & Nanoengineering , 2020.


We work with several academia and industrial partners in collaborative projects. Much of our collaborations so far have been centered around Europe (ETH-Z, EPFL, Institute Curie, Technion, University Hospital Zurich, Bern and Frankfurt). With the lab moving to Vancouver, we are super excited to work and establish collaborations with colleagues at UBC, Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute and the BC Cancer Research Institute.