Lots of exciting things to report!

Student Awards

Mentoring students and junior colleagues form a critical component of our research activity.  Snap-shot of a few recognition’s for our students are listed below.

  • SNSF post-doc fellowship awarded to train at Cornell University (Vesna Bechava, 2022).
  • SNSF post-doc fellowship awarded to train at University of California Berkley (Anna Fomitcheva Khartchenko, 2022).
  • Best poster award at the 14th International symposium on electrokinetics(Daniel Widerker, 2022).
  • CHEMINAS Best Poster Award at mTAS 2021 (Prerit Mathur, 2021).
  • Best Talk Award, mTAS 2021 (Vesna Bechava, 2021).
  • Best Youngest Scientist award from the Republic of Macedonia (under 30 years) (Vesna Bechava, 2020).
  • Best Paper Award from the American Institute of Physics at mTAS 2020 (Anna Fomitcheva Khartchenko and Iago Pereiro2020). 
  • Biosensing Poster Award at the 2019 NanoBioTech Montreux conference (Nadya Ostromohov, 2019).
  • MicroTAS 2019 CBMS student travel grant (Nadya Ostromohov, 2019).
  • MicroTAS 2019 CBMS student travel grant (Vesna Bechava, 2019).
  • Best poster award, Gordon Research Conference – Physics and Chemistry of Microfluidics, Hong Kong, June 16 – 21, (Federico Paratore, 2019).
  • Best poster award, 13th International Symposium on Electrokinetics (ELKIN), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, June 12-14 (Nadya Ostromohov, 2019).
  • Arthur Shavit award in the Thermosciences division at the Faculty of Engineering at Technion University best PhD thesis (Federico Paratore, 2019).
  • Daniel Leonard and Diane Sherman Interdisciplinary graduate school fellowship for academic excellence (Daniel Widerker, 2019).
  • Best presentation award by a young investigator award, 35th International Symposium on Microscale Separations and Bioanalysis (MSB-2019), Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon, USA, 25-28 March (Vesna Bechava, 2019).
  • EMBL Corporate Partnership Programme Travel Grant (Nadya Ostromohov, 2018).
  • Best Oral Presentation at the Batsheva de Rothschild Seminar on New Concepts in Biosensing, Dead Sea, Israel (Nadya Ostromohov, 2017).
  • Helmsley fellowship at Coldspring Harbor laboratories for interdisciplinary research (Aditya Kashyap, 2017).
  • Swiss Chemical Society Travel Award (Deborah Huber, 2016).
  • Best Poster Award, Nanotech Montreux Conference (Julien Cors, 2015).
  • Novartis Bootcamp Award (Julien Cors, 2015).
  • Best Poster Award, Micro and Nanoengineering Conference (Julien Cors, 2014).
  • ETH Gold Medal Award for Best Master’s Thesis (Marios Georgiadis, 2012).

Selected Blogs

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  • Microfluidics enters a new field [ blog ]
  • Bubbles in microfluidics: how they form and how to avoid them [ blog ]
  • Quantitative immunohistochemistry: Adding new sight to a historic technique [ blog ]
  • Reimaging immunohistochemistry: from looking at to seeing stains [ blog ]
  • Quantitative IHC: stepping stain to successful scoring of patients [ blog ]
  • The fundamentals of mass transport in biopatterning [ blog ]
  • Monitoring FISH assays in real-time [ blog ]
  • Hydrodynamics in cell studies [ blog ]
  • New microfluidic chip boosts the sensitivity of immunoassays by >1000x [ blog ]