Workshops & Symposia

  • Workshop: “Open space microfluidics”
    By Tomaso Zambelli, Patrick Misun and Govind Kaigala
    The 23rd International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences (µTAS 2019),
    27th October 2019
  • Mini-symposium: “Progress in Open-Space Microfluidics: From Nanoscience, Manufacturing, to Biomedicine”
    By Ji Tae Kim, Qiang Huang, Seung Kwon Seol and Govind Kaigala
    2020 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit
    13-17 April 2020
  • Summer school: Micro-Fluorescence in situ hybridization
    By Govind Kaigala,
    Within the framework of an EU project DelNAM (delnam.fe.up.pt)
    1st-3rd July 2020

Review articles

Nip the bubble in the bud: a guide to avoid gas nucleation in microfluidics
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Lab on a Chip, 2019.

Pereiro, J. F. Cors, S. Pané, B. J. Nelson, and G. V. Kaigala,
Underpinning transport phenomena for biopatterning
Chemical Society Reviews 48(5), 2019.

Huber, A. Oskooei, X. C. Solvas, A. deMello, and G.V. Kaigala,
Hydrodynamics in cell studies,”
Chemical Reviews 118(4), 2042–2079, 2018.

Huber, L. von Voithenberg, and G.V. Kaigala,
Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH): History, limitations and what to expect from micro-scale FISH?
Micro and Nano Engineering 1, 15-24, 2018.

G.V. Kaigala, R.D. Lovchik, and E. Delamarche,
Microfluidics in the ‘open space’ for local chemistries on biological interfaces,”
Angewandte Chemie 51(45), 11224-11240, 2012

General articles

  • F. Khartchenko, A. Kashyap and G. V. Kaigala, Improved antibody optimization for tumor analysis through the combination of machine learning with new molecular assay, ERCIM News, July 2019 (circulation ~ 8000 print copies).
  • X.F. van Kooten, F. Paratore, and M. Bercovici, G.V. Kaigala, Highly sensitive biomarker analysis using on-chip electrokinetics, ERCIM News, October 2017 (circulation ~ 8000 print copies)